Virtual Cat Dissection
Lisa Peck's Videos: hands
Online Cat Organ System Tutorial Lesson
ThinkQuest's Website. Step One: Interactive Diagrams Activity. Step Two: System Quizzes Activity.
System Interactive Diagrams
1. Use the interactive system diagrams to determine the name of the organ & its f'n.
2. record name of organ & its f'n on blank diagram handouts
3. Use identified diagram handouts for review
System Quizzes (Diagram & Multiple Choice)
Take online quizzes record score & grade on checklist handout
Diagram Quizzes
1. select answer
2. click grade me
3. record score & grade
Multiple Choice Quizzes
1. select answer
2. submit answer
3. record score & grade
4. record answers on MC quiz handout
(use as study guide for exam)
Daily Muscle Review Homework Assignments Using Site Below:
View labeled photos of cat & human muscles with detailed descriptions
Additional Cat Dissection Websites
videos of organs dissection
* digital photos of dissected cats
labeled digital images
*great tutorials for muscles
*Powerpoint of identified muscles
*good muscle tutorial using digital images
*Chart of cat muscles linked to great images
BioWeb: 14 Wisconsin universities
*Skeletal Muscles
* terrific
vascular system images